December 2019 update


We have written a Constitution for the Diabetes Alliance and shared it with the Board. There were no suggested changes to the Constitution, so we will now submit it along with the application for the Diabetes Alliance to become an NPO. The term for Board members will be two years, as suggested, so that we can ensure continuity.

Volunteers for open Board positions

Belinda Lister has volunteered to be Secretary, Michael Brown has volunteered to be Vice-Chairperson. We still need a Treasurer but as there are currently no finances, this is not urgent.

Method of interaction with National Dept of Health (NDoH)

No complaints / suggestions received from the rest of the Diabetes Alliance so we will inform Itumeleng and Sandhya from NDoH that the Board will be the primary contact between meetings.

Meeting dates for 2020

Feb, May, Aug, Oct 2020. We will ask Itumeleng to suggest a February date that works for NDoH and work around that.

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