The latest research papers and information about diabetes and NCDs in South Africa. A space for all research on diabetes in SA.

Health Dialogue: A concept analysis

Health dialogue encompasses strategies to influence decisions to improve health, but it is often still poorly understood. This concept analysis makes it clearer.

Development of a health dialogue model for patients with diabetes: A complex intervention in a low-/middle income country

This culturally sensitive health dialogue model has the potential to improve adherence to treatment, leading to greater satisfaction and consequently improved health outcomes.

An Observational Checklist of Health Dialogue Elements: Development and evidence of reliability

This article, published in the Journal for New Generation Sciences, explains the phased process used to develop an Observational Checklist of Health Dialogue Elements (OCHDE), and discusses evidence of its reliability.

South African Health Review 2019

An overview of health in South Africa, including available statistics for diabetes (from page 60 onwards) and the challenges facing people with diabetes in South Africa.

Perceptions of patients regarding diabetes-related health communication strategies in the Free State, South Africa

This article outlines a study in perceptions of health communication: how it informs, influences and motivates individuals to adopted health-focused lifestyles.

Diabetes-related knowledge, attitude and practices (KAP) of adult patients with Type 2 diabetes mellitus in the Free State province, South Africa

An article in the South African Journal of Clinical Nutrition that looks at the demographic status and anthropometry of adult patients with T2DM, and determines their diabetes-related KAP.

Development of a Sesotho health literacy test in a South African context

This article details the development of an appropriate health literacy test for use among South African public health service users with Sesotho as their first language.

A Pilot investigation into the readability of Sesotho health information pamphlets

This article, published in Communitas, looks at printed patient health communication in South Africa and a pilot of Sesotho health information pamphlets.

Management of Type 2 diabetes in primary care

The South African National Department of Health policy guidelines for management of Type 2 diabetes in primary care, which was published in 2014.

Diabetes prevalence, diagnosis and treatment in SA

This article on diabetes prevalence, diagnosis and treatment in SA was provided by the SAPH research programme from the HSRC . The data is from a national survey, the SANHANES, conducted in 2012.

Fact sheet: Diabetes in SA

This fact sheet was prepared by Priscilla Reddy, Natisha Dukhi, Ronel Sewpaul of the Social Aspects of Public Health (SAPH) programme at the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC). It includes the latest data on diabetes in South Africa.

Ubuntu in Diabetes Care

This article about the concept of ubuntu in diabetes care outlines how healthcare professionals and patients can use the concept of ubuntu to better understand how to treat diabetes in South Africa.

Fact sheet: WHO Diabetes & TB

This fact sheet from the WHO (World Health Organisation) details the connection between diabetes and TB from a worldwide perspective.